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The “Pet” with no Name | 2012

Bichinho is a word/ expression that exists only in Brazilian portuguese, I believe. It means something between “little animal” and “small, harmless and cute creature” – and that’s why I’ve translated it for “Pet”.

O Bichinho Sem Nome (The “Pet” with no Name) is a children’s book project conducted during graduation period in partnership with Caio Amaro. This work aims, through the guiding thread that is it’s protagonist (the Bichinho), to contemplate the familiar institution’s diversity.

Throughout it’s journey, this little creature that can’t understand it’s own identity, meets a series of other animals that, precisely because they embrace their particularities, they are also aware of who they are.

The mix of textures for this work were produced with shredded paper, various fabrics and acrylic paint sprayed onto paper. The drawings were also handmade and the final art was made on computer (Ps).