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Hello, my name is Tarcila and I am the illustrator behind Meu Quarteliê. Born in Rio de Janeiro city, I moved to Toulouse in 2018, where I live since then. I’m a person of rituals, which is why I love routine. Drinking coffee, riding my bike, writing and drawing are everyday activities for me.

The projects you’ll find here reflect the way I see things. I like to explore different techniques, but I have a special fondness for watercolor, which ended up becoming the basis for many of my paintings. Nowadays, however, I work more with digital art, an influence I brought from my background as a designer.


Master Degree in Visual Arts at Université Jean Jaurés, Toulouse (2022)
Watercolour Course at Chiaroscuro Ateliê de Pintura (2016 – 2017)
Observation Drawing with prof. Bandeira de Mello (2016 – 2017)
Bachelor Degree in Product Design at Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio de Janeiro (PUC-Rio | 2014)
Contemporary Illustration Techniques  with Renato Alarcão (2013)
The Creative Process with Charles Watson at Visual Arts School (2012)
Trainee Assistant of Graphical Introduction (PUC-Rio) with prof. Nathália Cavalcanti (2012)
Social Networking and Digital Media with Marília Martins at Visual Arts School (2011)

Teaching experience

• École St Stanislas (Toulouse)- english Teacher in a private school through La Maison de L’Europe  (2019)
• Espaço Rosa Vento – regular course of Watercolor Illustration (2017 )
• Meu Quarteliê – regular course of Watercolor Illustration (2017)
• Solar do Cosme – Christmas Wreath Workshop (december 2017)


• Softwares: Ps, Id e Ai
• Portuguese: native
• English: advanced
• French: B2
• Spanish: B1
• French: basic